25G SFP28

The OPWAY 25G SFP28 series optical transceiver include SR, LR, ER, CWDM, DWDM, LWDM, MWDM and so on. This series of optical transceivers use LC optical interface, with low power consumption...


155M~2.5G SFP

The OPWAY data rate range of 155M~ 2.67G SFP optical transceiver includes 155MB /s, 1.25Gb/s and 2.5Gb/s series. Support a variety of transmission distance from 500m to 120km, the series of optical tr...


10G SFP+

The OPWAY 10G SFP+ series optical transceiver support 8.5~11.3Gb/s transmission rate, 220m to 100Km a variety of transmission distance, this series of optical transceiver use LC optical interface, wit...

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